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Late one evening in February, I received an email from our Claims Department informing me that one of our clients had been involved in an accident. I called the client's home and spoke with Cindy. She was both shocked and pleased that I called and asked if anyone had been injured and asked if there was any immediate assistance I could provide. I was assure that while the car was badly damaged, her son who had been driving, and his friend were uninjured.

I let Cindy know that I would contact Claims and handle the process for her and provide updates. Cindy and her husband both work and have enough to concentrate on, so we handled this burden for them.

As it turned out, Cindy's car was a total loss. Working with Claims, we got a settlement amount the clients were pleased with and also assisted them with finding a replacement car through one of our recommended Auto Dealers.

Ask us about 20/40/10 - 100/300/100 - 500/500/500 you may be shocked!

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Bodily Injury & Property Damage (Mandatory Coverage)

Liability coverage pays for someone’s medical expenses, personal injuries, and property damage if you’re at-fault.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) (Mandatory Coverage)

Similar to Medical Payments coverage, can help pay for medical and rehabilitation expenses, work loss, funeral costs, and even replacement services.


Comprehensive covers losses from things other than an accident, like vandalism, riots, floods, hail, fire, animal collisions, and theft.


Collision Coverage pays any amount more than your deductible to restore the damage done to your vehicle to factory new condition in the event of an accident.


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