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Your home is where you hang your hat, where your family sleeps, and where you keep your valuable and meaningful belongings. When it comes to protecting your investments, there are few things more important than insuring your home. The Kirvan Agency provides the expertise you need. Click to Contact Us.

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For many, their home is the largest purchase they will ever make and therefore it is imperative that it and your belongings are properly protected. But there are many caveats to be considered when selecting Homeowners insurance as my friends Dan and Karen discovered.

Their home caught fire in the middle of the night and thankfully, there was an alert driver who saw the flames and beat on their door to wake them up. Dand and Karen has selected coverage from a major provider based only on cost. They have been paying for their decision ever since.

One of the coverages in a Homeowners policy is Loss of Use, and frequently this coverage is limited to 12 months. As most good contractors fill their schedules out a year in advance, Dan and Karen were unable to secure a contractor to demolish, remove the remains and construct the their new home. It has now been 18 months, their home is not done and they have been paying rent out of pocket to live somewhere else! See a problem here? I can provide you with Loss of Use for 24 months thus allowing adequate time for reconstruction while keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. After all, isn't that what you purchase insurance for?

Another common issue that many of my clients had with their previous provider was the breed of dog they had. We can help you with this too!

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Dwelling Vs. Market Value

The price you paid for your home is not necessarily what it will cost to rebuild it. There are many factors to consider.

Personal Property

Are your wedding bands or other valuables covered? What about your home entertainment system? Personal Property Coverage can make sure that these items and your personal belongings are protected.

Loss of Use

Loss Of Use is an important consideration. If your home is destroyed or uninhabitable for an extended period, it may cost you out of pocket. We can close this gap for you.

Liability / Guest Medical

Life happens, and at some point you could be responsible, or liable, for injuries, accidents, and damages that happen on your property or anywhere else, for that matter. You can protect your assets against claims and lawsuits with liability coverage available on your homeowner’s policy.


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