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Life Insurance

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The most important coverage we provide and the one I am most passionate about is Family Protection! Today more than ever, it take two people working outside of the home to support a family. But stop and ask yourself what would life be like for your family if, God forbid, something were to happen to you. Would your children and spouse be able to remain in the home you have built? Attend the same schools? Would your spouse have enough to cover the house, car and monthly bills?

The story of my client and his wife is just one of the many that drive my passion to help people. Andrew and his wife Betty had spent their life together raising two fine kids and everything in life was good. Andrew was a pharmacist and Betty enjoyed her work with flowers at a nursery.

Betty had decided to travel to Florida to visit family and since the kids were in high school and quite independent, Andrew didn't mind the change of pace. A few short days in to Betty's vacation, this family's world was turned upside down and changed forever. As Andrew was always up before the kids, they found it odd that their dad wasn't around when they got up. They checked the driveway and saw that his car had not been moved, so they looked around the house. During the night, Andrew had suffered a heart attack and passed away and it was the kids who discovered him.

Long story short, Andrew had an employer provided Life insurance policy which wasn't large enough to make much of a difference. Betty not only lost her husband and the kids their father, but were forced to sell their home and most of what they owned to try and make ends meet.

People kid themselves claiming that such a thing could never happen to them, it only happens to other people. Unfortunately this just isn't true, bad things happen to good people every day. It is for this reason that I view Family Protection as the most important item that a person could possibly obtain.

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Permanent Insurance

With Whole Life insurance policies, the cash value accumulates at a guaranteed interest rate and typically the policy owner may borrow against the cash value of the policy. Some Whole Life insurance policies can produce excess credits, which can be used to purchase additional paid-up Life insurance, increasing the available death benefit.

Term Insurance

Term Life insurance policies generally offer the greatest amount of coverage for the lowest initial cost – they are the most straightforward form of coverage. If you have shorter-term needs and limited money to spend on insurance, a Term Life insurance policy may be the best fit for you.

Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance helps make sure that the people you care about will be provided for financially, even if you're not there to care for them yourself. The loss of a loved one shouldn't mean financial difficulty for your loved ones.

Turned Down For Life?

A Graded Death Benefit Whole Life policy could offer highly rated or otherwise uninsurable individuals an opportunity to obtain permanent Whole Life coverage.


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